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  1. Tegal
    Tegal10 months ago

    I was excited for it until I saw a teaser clip of Belle singing and all I heard was auto tuned garbage. And it’s NOT live action if they are CGI animals. If I ever have children, they are watching the classic animated movies and none of this remade trash.

  2. Vurn10 months ago

    I don't think it's bad to have preferences. I am a single mom - not by choice/he died - but, many of my guy friends have massive apprehension about dating single moms. I completely understand their sentiment - it's a lot. before I had kids, I never wanted to date a guy with kids, generally because not only are you dealing with him, but his offspring and an ex (who may or may not be angry).

  3. Zutaur10 months ago

    omg lol that Team 10 shit over here, hahahaha Jesus Christ.

  4. Kagrel
    Kagrel10 months ago

    I posted some new pics

  5. Kigalabar
    Kigalabar10 months ago

    Stunning I would love to taste you!

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